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Be Safe Firearms Training

Be Safe Firearms Training delivers high quality firearms training that meets the National Rifle Association's  rigorous standards, while at the same time making  your concealed carry permit more accessible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to take a Firearms Safety Class?

If you own or wish to own a firearm, whether for sport or defense, in the home or carrying daily, you owe it to society, yourself, and your loved ones to handle them safely, be proficient in their use, and understand the law.

What type of class do I need in order to apply for a firearms license in Massachusetts?
The Massachusetts General Law C.140 s.131P states that any person making an application for an LTC A, LTC B or FID card, must submit to the licensing authority a basic firearms safety certificate. 

Will your NRA Basic Pistol Class fill all of the requirements for me to apply for a license to carry?
Yes.  Our basic firearms class qualifies applicants for all Massachusetts firearms licenses (LTC A, LTC B, and FID card).

When will I receive my training certificate?
Your instructor will hand you both your NRA Basic Pistol Certificate and your Massachusetts Basic Firearms Safety Certificate at the completion
of the class.

I took a class but I feel like I need more practice time to be comfortable with a gun.  Can you help me?
Yes.  I offer private range time and coaching/support.

Do you offer Women's Only Classes?
Yes. All of the courses we offer can be scheduled as women's only.

Are the Women's Only classes different than the regular classes?
The only difference is it the student body will not be co-ed, all the students in the class will be all women.  The class content is the same NRA Basic Pistol Class, which teaches you the basic skills needed to safely handle and shoot a handgun. This is a good place to begin if you have never done any shooting or are concerned about your ability to safely handle a pistol. The class begins with safety, then moves on to the six basic handgun shooting fundamentals. We also discuss various types of ammunition, what to look for when you are purchasing a pistol, and do quite a bit of shooting as well.

Do you offer Private Classes? 

Yes.  Some students opt to receive individualized instruction rather than take a class with others.  Any class we teach can be taught on an individual basis, focusing on the needs of the particular student.   We also offer private group lessons.

Where are the classes held? 

Classes are held at both the Harvard Sportsmen's Club, Harvard Massachusetts and the Maynard Rod & Gun Club, Maynard, Massachusetts.  Or we can come to your gun club.

What are your qualifications to teach this class?
I am an NRA Certified Instructor for Basic Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle. I also hold instructor certification in Refuse to Be a Victim, am a NRA Pistol Coach Level I and a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer.  In addition to the above certifications, I am also certified to instruct the Massachusetts State Police Basic Firearms Safety course and am a Massachusetts Hunter Education Instructor.

Is free parking available?
Yes. Free parking is available.

What if I have more questions, who should I speak with?

You may call us at 978-760-1847 or go to the Contact Us page and send us an email.

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