Be Safe Firearms Training

Be Safe Firearms Training delivers high quality firearms training that meets the National Rifle Association's  rigorous standards, while at the same time making  your concealed carry permit more accessible.

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Women's Only Classes

                                     Firearms training for Women

Any class we offer may be scheduled as a "Women's Only" class.
Please call if you wish to schedule organize your own private "Women's Only" Class.

             Women’s Basic Pistol Class …is the NRA Basic Pistol Class ... held for women only. 

      This class teaches you the basic skills needed to safely handle and shoot a handgun. This is a good place to begin if you have never done any shooting or are concerned about your ability to safely handle a pistol.

     The Women's Basic Pistol class begins with safety, then moves on to the six basic handgun shooting fundamentals. We also discuss various types of ammunition, what to look for when you are purchasing a pistol, and do quite a bit of shooting as well.

                                We also offer Women's Only Rifle and Shotgun Classes.

Individualized Firearms Training for Women

As the name indicates, any class we teach can be taught on an individual basis, focusing on the needs of the particular student. We have a great deal of experience teaching women and many have opted to receive individualized instruction rather than take a class with others. Other women go on to individualized instruction after completing one of more of our regular classes. Some women have come with unique needs or requirements and we have been able to work with them in their unique circumstances.

Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar Program

Refuse To Be A Victim
is a three to four hours seminar geared toward awareness and prevention of criminal confrontations. Topics include home, automobile, personal and internet security. We show how to integrate common-sense safety strategies into your own individual lifestyle.

     The seminar is NOT about guns, nor is it about joining the NRA.
It simply provides participants with the information needed to minimize their chances of criminal attack.

                       Refuse To Be A Victim seminars may be scheduled as women's only.  


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